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Myofascial release is a highly specialized type of massage designed for pressure release of painful soft tissue. At Gail Reardon’s Therapeutic Massage of Leavenworth, KS, I use this technique primarily with clients who have experienced physical trauma, are having an inflammatory reaction, and those who are recovering from surgery. In these cases, deep connective tissue can become tight to the point of producing up to 2,000 pounds of pressure on sensitive tissues.

The cause of this pain does not show up in typical tests like X-rays or CAT scans, but as an experienced myofascial release expert, I can locate these troublesome spots and apply pressure point release that will effectively help deep muscle pain. The knot release may be slightly painful, but once it has let go, clients tell me they feel almost a sense of euphoria as circulation returns to the inflamed area and the fascia starts returning to a normal, pliable state.

If you need specialized help for muscle knot release, this is the massage I recommend. This technique allows me to see you as a unique individual and pinpoint the exact area of pain. This is highly preferable to treating a specific pain than taking strong painkillers that must circulate through your entire body, going where they are not needed. Rather than building up chemicals in your system and suffering their side effects, myofascial massage will relieve pain, restore movement, and provide greater flexibility.

When you have persistent pain, get myofascial release in Leavenworth, KS from Gail Reardon’s Therapeutic Massage. I am highly experienced in this technique and will gently ease your pain.