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If you like deep massages designed for easing deep muscle aches, stiffness, and pain, Gail Reardon’s Therapeutic Massage of Leavenworth, KS is the place to go. I have extensive experience in providing deep muscle massages to release chronic tension in overexerted muscles. By targeting deep tissue trigger points, this massage can reduce scar tissue from strains and sprains, reducing and eventually eliminating painful inflammation. This massage focuses on the deepest layers of fascia, muscle, and connective tissue.

While some clients see it as a relaxing deep tissue massage, others may find it slightly uncomfortable at first. I use deep finger pressure to release tension, and the first couple times you may feel a bit sore afterward, as if you had just worked out. Your initial pain will fade within 48 hours, after which you will feel much looser and more relaxed, without the tension and knots you originally came in with. As always, I encourage you to guide the massage and let me know when the pressure is too much or too little.

Deep tissue massage is especially helpful in relieving tension, pain, and stiffness that you have suffered with for more than three months. This includes neck and shoulder pain from spending too many hours at a keyboard, or leg pain from too much time spent standing without a break or stretching. Many folks who work long hours suffer from these long-term aches and greatly benefit from such deep massage. Over time, it will increase your stamina in the areas that suffer from the most tension buildup.

Book your time slot now to enjoy a deep tissue massage in Leavenworth, KS from Gail Reardon’s Therapeutic Massage. I hope to see you soon!